Community relations

Emerald Resources is committed to the communities in which we operate through responsible human rights, community, environmental and governance practices.

We recognise the importance of consulting early with knowledge holders, indigenous peoples and communities whose lifestyle and culture could be potentially impacted by our activities.

We collaborate with our communities to deliver enduring, positive contributions, that support the changes they value most.

At the core of this is supporting economic development through jobs, and buying local campaigns and commitments, coupled with contributing to real social wellbeing outcomes for our local communities.

We also recognise that we can make community investments, and by paying taxes and royalties we can deliver outcomes that benefit the Cambodian economy as a whole.

From the very beginning, at our Okvau Gold Project we have striven to have a net positive impact on near-mine social value.

Our approach is governed by our Community Policy which sets out our commitment to delivering a lasting, positive contribution to the communities where we operate. We recognise community’s endorsement of our activities is fundamental to the success of our business.

We have and continue to support a broad range of activities that include:

  • Engaging and collaborating with key stakeholders on a regular basis and incorporating feedback into project activities.
  • Implementing Emerald’s Mineral Fund for Community Development projects to benefit near-mine communities.
  • Supporting community projects that have a lasting positive legacy for communities.
  • Implementing the Chance Find Procedure for previously undiscovered cultural heritage.

Recent social initiatives include:

  • An Annual Community Open Day that is well attended.
  • Financial support to various organizations and community events.
  • Provision of uniforms and radios to local community security teams.
  • Providing support to rebuild and improve school buildings within near-mine communities.
  • Improving access to water by drilling new water bores, for sole use of communities.
  • Roadworks and signage to improve road safety and importantly better access to education and health services, and markets during the wet season.
  • Our School Nursery initiative as a way for students to raise funds for their school, to increase environmental awareness in young people and provide trees for future rehabilitation activities.