Sustainability report 2023

Emerald is committed to conducting its business in a safe, responsible and sustainable way that benefits shareholders, employees and local communities. This Sustainability Report covers Emerald’s projects in Cambodia – the operating gold mine at the Okvau Gold Project, other exploration projects in the region, concluding with a summary of Bullseye Mining Limited’s environmental aspects.

The Sustainability Report should be considered in conjunction with other aspects of the Annual Report.

Community Relations

Emerald Resources is committed to the communities in which we operate through responsible human rights, community, environmental and governance practices.

Health, Safety & Wellbeing

Emerald recognises that people are its greatest asset and integral to a sustainable and profitable Company and as such is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all personnel.

Environmental responsibility

Emerald Resources is committed to doing the right thing by the environment. We operate in a responsible manner and recognise that though mining has an unavoidable impact on the environment, through best practice management and strong environmental stewardship impacts can be minimised and long-term legacy issues mitigated.

Climate change & Carbon Neutrality

Recognising that mining operations together with everything we do in our day-to-day activities impact on the natural environment, and that climate change is one of the challenges facing our global populations, Emerald has a number of programs to actively mitigate our activities.

Human Rights

Being able to live freely is a fundamental human right that is enjoyed by most developed countries and Emerald Resources subscribes to this. We are committed to being vigilant in our efforts to identify and address modern slavery within our business so that our purchasing decisions can have a positive impact to reduce prevalence of modern slavery.