Community Relations

The Okvau project is to have a net positive impact on near-mine social values by engaging and collaborating with all stakeholders in the Project area by:-

  • Establishing and contributing to a fund for Community Development for the benefit of the community in the Project Area:-
  • Seek the support of major suppliers and contractors to also contribute to the fund;
  • Fund governed by a committee of local senior stakeholders including a company representative, NGO and/or local community organisation;
  • Applications from local community will be assessed in accordance with community needs;
  • Continued stakeholder engagement for the life of project.


Recent Social Initiatives

  • PPWS Partnership including commitment to provide 8 new Rangers and a hut to increase monitoring & enforcement capacity within Okvau area;
  • School Nursery initiative as a way for students to raise funds for their school, to increase environmental awareness in young people and provide trees for future rehabilitation activities;
  • An Industry Partner supporting the Lion Water Sanitation Initiative in Obenlieu Commune, installing latrines and water filters in homes;
  • Financial support to various organizations and community events.