Community Relations

Emerald Resources NL is committed to responsible human rights, community, environmental and governance practices. Emerald recognises the importance of consulting with early with knowledge holders, indigenous peoples and communities whose lifestyle and culture could be potentially impacted by the Company’s activities. Using an open, participatory, and inclusive approach is critical to achieving understanding the local culture, heritage and concerns, and to achieve a harmonious co-existence where local communities and indigenous peoples have provided input into project design safeguarding them from project activities.

The Okvau Gold Project is to have a net positive impact on near-mine social values via:

  • Implementation of the Stakeholder Engagement Plan;
  • Engaging and collaborating with key stakeholders on a regular basis and incorporating feedback into project activities;
  • Implementation the Mineral Fund for Community Development to benefit near-mine communities;
  • Supporting community projects that have a lasting positive legacy for communities;
  • Implementing the Chance Find Procedure for previously undiscovered cultural heritage; and
  • Continued stakeholder engagement for life of project.

Recent Social Initiatives

  • Annual Community Open Day;
  • Financial support to various organizations and community events;
  • Provision of uniforms and radios to local community security teams;
  • Provision of funds to rebuild and improve school buildings within near-mine communities;
  • Improving access to water by drilling new water bores;
  • Roadworks and signage to improve road safety and access to education, health and markets during the wet season;
  • School Nursery initiative as a way for students to raise funds for their school, to increase environmental awareness in young people and provide trees for future rehabilitation activities; and
  • Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary partnership to increase monitoring & enforcement capacity within Okvau area.